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Welcome to Yale—a great place to work, thanks to the past and continuing efforts of our Federation members. Follow these links to find out about joining the union, what's in the contract, what to do if you have a problem or question, getting emergency back-up daycare and how to get involved with union activities.


WE ARE Yale clerical and technical employees who care about our work and about the university we work for.

 In 1983 we created a union in our own image—about us, by us, for us—that recognized the unique position Yale C&Ts occupy in the university family.

Though we've had to sometimes fight hard to make our voices heard, we know that our goals and the highest ideals of Yale University are fundamentally linked.

For more about the beginnings of our union, visit the History section.

To find out how you can be a part of creating our union's future, see the Get Involved section.


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